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Welcome to the Learning Links page, here you will find the links to some of the most useful places to learn on the internet.
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KS2 BBC Bitesize                                                                    Woodlands Literacy Zone

Who is it good for?                                                                Who is it good for?
Mainly Class 4, as it covers all of the areas                                Classes 2, 3 and 4. Especially good for spelling
that they have been taught during their                                   and punctuation games, including games that may
school careers                                                                        be linked to a particular spelling pattern.


Woodlands Maths Zone                                                          MAD 4 MATHS

Who is it good for?                                                                Who is it good for?
All classes. This very attractive website has some                      Parents and children working together. Not sure
fantastic links to games for all abilities across all areas               how to teach a certain skill in maths? Or is the
of maths. It's a go-to place for practicing a Rapid Maths             method you were taught different to how the 
target, or practicing a new skill in maths. Each area of              children have been taught? Look at the "For
learning starts with the most basic skills at the top of the          Parents" section for explanations of some of the 
page, and provides progressively more challenging                    calculation methods we use. The "For Kids" 
activities as you move down the page.                                    area has some fun mental maths games too.


Times Tables Games                                                             Crickweb Science

Who is it good for?                                                               Who is it good for?
Classes 2, 3 and 4. This site, also by Woodlands, has a               Classes 2, 3 and 4. This website has links to lots of
huge range of different fun and interactive times tables            activities that are linked to areas of science 
games. Most are strategy games, where correct answers           throughout the school. Most are provided by BBC
gain points or rewards. These games are excellent for boys       Bitesize.
especially, and for all to recall their times table facts