At Staverton School we have a range of home learning tasks to support and enrich children’s learning at school.  We value the contribution parents make to children’s learning and very much encourage parental involvement and support. Regular support at home will help to ensure that children make the best progress possible.


Our homework guidelines are as follows:

  • Reading : 10 minutes a day (sharing a book, being read to, being heard read, reading independently) for Reception, Year 1 and Year     2 and extending to 30 minutes a day by Year 6. Throughout school we aim to work with parents in fostering a love of reading so   children do not see reading at home as homework but as a relaxing and engaging hobby, in which they feel a sense of achievement
  • Learning weekly spellings for a weekly spelling test (how often this is needed is dependent on each individual child);
  • Completing a weekly Maths task (e.g. learning times tables);
  • Learning Log homework (see below);
  • From Class 2 onwards (and Class 1 as appropriate), children are allocated Bug Club E-books and Maths Abacus Online activities to consolidate Maths learning, through fun interactive tasks.  These are optional activities. (Please click the link.)


Learning Log Homework:

Learning Log homework consists of topic related tasks which are fun and engaging.  There is an element of choice in tasks so that children can work to their interests and strengths.  Older children are expected to organise their time in relation to completion of tasks in preparation for secondary school.   Learning homework extends over the holiday period so that those families who choose to complete the more time consuming homework pieces e.g. model making, can do so if desired over the break.  Such homework is also issued in the latter part of the term to enable the relevant learning to have taken place in school time, prior to completion of the tasks at home.


Links to additional home based learning activities, can be found on our Learning Links Page.