It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

posted 3 Dec 2012, 08:40 by Mr Liam Spires
Today was our annual decorations day, where the whole school work together to make beautiful decorations to put around the school and take home at Christmas. Class Four children helped their little friends in Class One with their decorations, which varied from robin baubles to large snowflakes. All of the adults in the school lead activities creating these masterpieces, until the school looked like there had been an explosion in a glitter factory!

A huge thank you to Mrs Rowbotham and Mrs Baty for coming in to help for the day, and to Mrs Hanlon, Mrs Allen and Miss Adkins for taking time out to help too. There were plenty of helpers in Class Four who assisted with the tidying up process, the words "Can I use the hoover?" were actually used (So they DO know what one is and how to use it after all!)

Some of the decorations are on display in the entrance hall, so please come and have a look!

Pictures of us making or decorations are below.

Decorations Day